Thomas Sean Weatherby

Doctoral Student in Physics Education
Goethe-University Frankfurt


About Me

I am a doctoral student in physics education research in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As well as conducting research, I help teach the practical courses for trainee physics teachers on mechanics, electro-magnetism and optics. Away from the lab I offer seminar courses in mechanics, electro-dynamics and quantum mechanics.

Research Interests

Dialogic Teaching

Promoting and scaffolding productive dialogue in the classroom gives learners space to explore ideas in a meaniful way with a means of reflection through a peer or other partner.

Digital Media

To take full advantage of digital media in the classroom it is important that we make decisions based on a pedagogy and play to the advantages of the media at hand.


In any classroom it is important that communication works well. My focus is on challenges that arise through linguistic differences between every day language and scientific ideas.

Current Projects

Talking Circuits

  • Lower Secondary
  • Electric Circuits
  • School Setting
  • Digital Resources
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Educational Background

Royal Grammar School, Worcester

GCSEs: 9 A*'s and 1 A.
A-levels: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics A*'s and Further Maths A (89.7%).

University Of Oxford

BA (Phys) in Physics with Teaching and Learning in Physics
Bachelors Project on 'Pulse Width Characterisation at the Vulcan Laser Facility'

Technical University of Munich

MSc. in Engineering and Applied Physics
Masters Project on 'Reaction Nanoscopy: Near-Field-Induced, Dissociative Ionisation from Nanoparticles in Solution' at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in cooperation with the Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics.

Goethe-University, Frankfurt

Doctoral Candidate in Physics Education under Prof. Thomas Wilhelm. Scroll up for current projects and research interests.

Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships


Academic Scholarship, RGS Worcester

Essay Prize, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Charles Mytton Prize for Academic Achievement

Pullinger Prize for Mathematics

Victoria Wright Prize for Science



Putting Potential at the Core of Teaching Electric Circuits

JP Burde, T S Weatherby, T Wilhelm
The Physics Teacher 60 (5), 340-343

More than a “Clicker”: Scaffolding Learner-Learner Classroom Talk with a Tablet Application

TS Weatherby, T Wilhelm, JP Burde
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning - CSCL 2022: 344-347


An analogical simulation for teaching electric circuits: a rationale for use in lower secondary school

JP Burde, T S Weatherby, A Kronenberger
Physics Education 56 (5): 055010

Zum Dynamikverständnis mit Kraftstoß

T Wilhelm, T S Weatherby, J Kuhn
Physik in unserer Zeit 52 (2): 98-99

Eine Simulation zum elektrischen Potenzial bei einfachen Stromkreisen

T Wilhelm, T S Weatherby, JP Burde
MNU Journal-Neuss: Verlag Klaus Seeberger 74 (06)


The Effects of Augmented Reality: A Comparative Study in an Undergraduate Physics Laboratory Course

S Kapp, M Thees, F Beil, T S Weatherby, JP Burde, T Wilhelm, J Kuhn
Conference: 12th International Conference on Computer Supported Education


Elektrische Stromkreise per Drag‐and‐Drop mit iCircuit: Smarte Physik

T S Weatherby, JP Burde, T Wilhelm, J Kuhn
Physik in unserer Zeit 50 (3), 150-151

Few-cycle laser driven reaction nanoscopy on aerosolized silica nanoparticles

P Rupp, C Burger, N G Kling, M Kübel, S Mitra, P Rosenberger, T S Weatherby, N Saito, J Itatani, A S Alnaser, M B Raschke, E Rühl, A Schlander, M Gallei, L Seiffert, T Fennel, B Bergues, M F Kling
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-7

Conferences and Presentations


Presentation: More than a “Clicker”: Scaffolding Learner-Learner Classroom Talk with a Tablet Application

CSCL, Hiroshima

Presentation: Scientifically Speaking: Kollaboratives Lernen digital unterstützen

DPG Didaktik der Physik Frühjahrstagung


Poster: Material Development for Teaching Electric Circuits with the Air-Pressure Analogy

AAPT Summer Meeting

Presentation: Development and Evaluation of a Web Application to Promote Student Collaboration in the Secondary Science Classroom



Poster: iVoltage - Einsatz einer Simulation im E-Lehre-Praktikum

DPG Didaktik der Physik Frühjahrstagung

Poster: Repräsentationsbasierte Simulation zu einfachen Gleichstromkreisen



Presentation: Stromkreise im Unterricht Simulieren (Simulating Circuits in the Classroom)

DPG Teacher Circle Frankfurt

Poster: Visualisierungen bei Simulationen von einfachen Stromkreisen (Visualisation in Simulations of Simple Circuits)

GDCP Vienna


Oracy Cambridge Conference: The Age of Oracy


Great Oracy Exhibition, School21, London


Presentation: Inverted Classroom and Peer Learning: Background, Preparation and Delivery

LERU Digital Higher Educaition Summit

Book Chapters


Eine App zur Simulation von Strom und Spannung in elektrischen Stromkreisen

T S Weatherby, JP Burde, T Wilhelm
Für alles eine App, 231-236